Our Story, Part I

26 Jun

Susan is a sarcastic, nerdy, quiet lady who loves to dance. Woojung is a lovely, nerdy, optimist, honest-to-god good man. Susan and Woojung met 3 years ago at a Korean Presbyterian church where Susan was learning Korean on Saturdays. Susan’s first thought when she saw Woojung was, “Woah, he’s cute!”. Every Saturday since she first saw him, she went with the tiny hope that she might catch sight of him again. Some Saturdays she saw him, some she did not. When she saw him, it was only in passing. She was busy with the Korean classes and the only time she could walk around to look for him was after classes had ended. He helped the church out on Saturdays whenever there were technical issues. Eventually she knew where to look for him; on the days he came, he was fiddling with the main computer. Susan had yet to work up the courage to talk to him.

Cupid’s assisstent came one day in the form of Susan’s Korean teacher.

“Oh! Have you met Woojung, yet?”

No! By all means, introduce me!

Susan, Woojung.

Woojung, Susan.


Marry me/ Today and everyday/ Marry me/ If I every get the nerve to say hello in this cafe    – Train


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